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Connecting you with College Coaches

Who We Are

We are a 100% family owned and operated business designed to connect athletes and college coaches. We specialize in representing college hopeful athletes of all kinds, including:

  • High School Students
  • Junior College Athletes
  • College Students who aren’t current varsity athletes
  • Ex-Military ready to play college sports
  • High School grads who haven’t attended college

Football player makes a diving catchOur mission is to provide as much value to the athletes we represent as possible, with the belief that great service will result in the growth of our business.

As the founder of KTA Recruiting and a college football coach I wanted to create a service that was just as useful and efficient for athletes as it was for coaches.

- Augie Stevens

Getting yourself out there to be noticed by coaches shouldn’t cost you thousands, or even hundreds. We provide a cost effective solution that gives you all of the services and tools needed to maximize how many college coaches will see you, and how to make your selection in meaningful ways.

We wish you the best in your recruiting process, and success as you begin a new chapter of your athletic career!