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Connecting you with College Coaches

Our Strategy to Get You Noticed and Recruited

There are over 1,800 colleges in the United States with athletic programs. All of them need to recruit and sign new players every year in order to compete and win. Our mission is to connect those college coaches with our athletes.

So how does it work?

Our service was designed to provide all kinds of college ready athletes with a way to connect with the college coaches who want to recruit them. Our service will allow you to showcase your abilities to college coaches across the country, giving you the opportunity to have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right school for you. You don't need to spend thousands or even hundreds on the big expensive recruiting services to promote you. Dedicated and talented players are in hot demand. Our mission is to connect athletic recruits like you with college coaches while understanding and tailoring everything we do for you around your unique status.

We provide truly helpful and effective tools and resources for our athletes while offering both Premium and Free membership options.

A free membership option

Football players on the offensive line.We want you to see what we're all about and how we can help get your name out to coaches across the country. Giving you access to a few of our features is a great way to introduce ourselves. Here's what comes with a free membership:

Create a full profile: Create a full recruiting profile that contains all your important details that college coaches will want to see. Everything from basic physical dimensions, to accolades, to highlights videos, to academics. College coaches will be able to find your profile as they search our database, and you'll be able to track when they look at you. Your profile will have a unique URL, so you can send coaches a direct link to your page. Only verified college coaches will get access to your full profile, while anyone in the public will just see your basic information. With one click your profile can also be condensed and printed off so you can have a professional looking handout to give to college coaches you meet at camps or elsewhere.

Visible to college coaches searching our database: College coaches will be able to see and access your full recruiting profile as they search through our database.

Professional evaluation of your talent: You want to go into the recruiting process with confidence and a firm grasp on what level of college sports you'll succeed at. Our expert team of former college coaches and ex-professional athletes will deeply examine your abilities, defining characteristics, and full athletic profile. We'll score you on multiple categories according to your sport and specialty and compare you with the current trends of incoming collegiate athletes to help give you a clear picture of what you can expect. The evaluation procedure is very thorough. When completed we'll speak with you directly to provide further guidance and ask a few more questions to find out what your goals and plans are for the recruiting process.

Premium Features

Three football players breaking the huddle.Our Premium service option is a serious step forward in your college recruitment process. In addition to everything above, here are the features we offer:

1 on 1 recruiting guidance from our expert team: You won't be alone in the recruiting process, we'll be right there in your corner and available to answer your questions and talk you through it. College coaches are professional recruiters, they'll be pulling you in different directions and telling you what should be important to you. Suppose your top priority is playing right away, but that coach knows they're stacked at your position, plus they already have two commits in the boat. That coach says, "We like you, you're probably our starter, you aren't afraid of a little competition, are you?" We'll be there to keep you on track. Another coach may say, "Congratulations, we're going to offer you." Is that a full scholarship, a partial, or just a roster spot? We'll help read between the lines of what you're being told so you can ask the right questions. We're on your side and unbiased. Our goal is to find out what you're looking for, get to know you, and help guide you through the process.

Personalized list of recommended colleges: There are over 1,800 colleges with athletics from Florida to Alaska. You have a lot of choices. As one of the most important offered features we will create a list of colleges matching your detailed specifications where we believe you may have the greatest opportunity for success. Everyone has different priorities, needs, and wants when it comes to making a college selection. To give you such a personally tailored list we're going to dig deep into what you're really after in the college experience. We'll use the information you give us to narrow it down, then use our athletic evaluation of you to further determine where you'd likely be successful. We'll research everything about the programs, from coaches and depth charts, to facilities and fan attendance. The end result will be a short list of colleges we think you may be happy to call home.

Female soccer player kicking ball.Advanced email system to professionally mass contact coaches: We'll give you access to a powerful system we've created that allows you to send out mass emails to college coaches while merging in their names, colleges, and other data. You'll have various options on what kind of emails to send, what level of colleges do you want to contact, and what region of the country do you want to focus on. It's all tailored for you to appear professional, personal, and interested while you're sending email blasts across the country.

Track which coaches see your profile: You'll be able to immediately see which coaches are looking at your profile. A tracker on your dashboard gives you the name of the individual coach, their college, location, level, when they saw you, and more. Click their name and you'll quickly be able to explore their college and details about their program.

See when coaches add you to their recruiting board: When coaches add you to their recruiting board it will be tracked right on your dashboard. You'll be able to see all the details about them and their colleges, with a quick link to easily explore the details about their program. Behind the scenes we give college coaches powerful search features and unique tools to help them. We strive to be a very effective way for them to find the recruits they need. Our Recruiting Board feature allows them to save and track athletes they've very interested in.

Know if college coaches export you to their recruiting software: When coaches export your profile directly into their own recruiting software you'll be able to know and track it. In addition to our online tools, many coaches use specialized outside software that helps them organize recruiting. With one click, a coach can export your whole profile into their system.

Premium resources, guides, organizers, and timelines: These are in addition to our free general resources. We want you to be well educated about the recruiting process and so have provided many helpful guides and tools you can use to learn and stay organized. Using these resources will give you a much better sense of many important things, including how to go about contacting coaches, how to handle different situations, what to look for when visiting colleges, what to do from freshman to senior year of high school, what are the biggest questions to ask a coach, and much more. There is always a downloadable college organizer we strongly suggest you use to help keep track of the schools that are contacting you and how to compare them.

Female lacrosse player standing by net.Your profile is physically mailed to your choice of coaches every month: Each month you tell us which programs you're interested in and we'll mail them a physical copy of your recruiting profile, along with a note from us, and our evaluation of you.

We email your profile and evaluation to coaches across the country: More than just a general email blast out to all coaches, our advanced system tailors each email specifically for the coach we're sending it to with the goal of driving new coaches to see your profile.

Be matched with colleges and recommended directly to coaches: Like our personally tailored emails, we're also matching you with college programs based on what their coaches tell us they need. These include academic requirements, regions they want to focus on, position needs, and more. We directly contact those coaches with the profiles of our recruits we believe they'll be most interested in.

You're on our full list of prospects we send to coaches regularly: To make sure no one is slipping through the cracks we send out a complete list of our recruits to coaches according to their sport. We include your pertinent information they'll need and a link right back to your profile.

Your profile is featured directly on coach's dashboard pages: When coaches login to our site they see pages of recruiting tools and search options, but we also prominently display athletes like you, who we've matched with their program needs. We'll continue to feature athlete's specifically to a coach until they've noticed and viewed their profile.

Access to all our upcoming features: We want to continue providing our athletes with new and incredible tools. As we roll out new features you'll be the first with access. Right now we're working on projects that involve mass-submitting recruiting questionnaires and interactive college exploration maps.

How we connect with coaches

  • Football player catching a passWe maintain relationships with coaches all over the nation and at all levels. We promote our system to coaches at every college and university in the country.
  • Coaches are able to use our advanced matching system to immediately discover you and the athletes they need. We don’t waste coaches' time by bombarding them with ads, spam emails, or complicated screens.
  • We constantly promote our athletes. Coaches tell us what kind of athletes they’re looking for, and we deliver them with daily lists of our athletes who fit the bill. We keep coaches constantly updated on players who’ve just signed up and ones they haven’t seen yet.


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