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KTA Recruiting was founded by a college football coach looking for an easier way to find, track, and connect with a variety of athletes. We have a commitment to excellence and will continue to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in recruiting fine young athletes. 

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NCAA Division I Football and Basketball Coaches: Yes you (and all other college coaches) can use this service! We have been evaluated by the NCAA's Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group and determined to be compliant with their legislation. In their words, "NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball and Football."

Our Athletes

Football player stiff arms opponent.Search through our lists of athletes according to your sport. You'll find:

  • High School Athletes
  • Junior College Athletes

As well as others:

  • Current College Students (Approved transfers and non-varsity athletes) 
  • Ex Military
  • High School Grads with No College (Mormon missions, minor league baseball, etc)

*Please note that we do not allow current varsity athletes from NCAA and NAIA schools. We are not a tool for poaching athletes.

Coach Features

Search for and filter lists of athletes using powerful variables. Find someone you like? Add them to your private recruiting board. You can easily export your list of athletes to a separate spreadsheet. 

An athlete's profile will contain his or her highlights, position/event information, physical dimensions, academic resume, contact info for them and their coaches, their priorities for selecting a college, plus everything else you need and expect.

As we grow, you can expect us to continue adding features and new tools for you to use. Our commitment is to constantly explore ways to add value to the service we provide for both coaches and our athletes.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to email us at: