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Can anyone see my profile?

College coaches will be able to find you instantly. They're able to use our service for free and access it from their computers, tablets, or smartphones. We also want you to maintain your privacy, so anyone else who tries to load your profile will find only the basic information about you and your highlight film. We do this to help promote you and make it easier on college coaches. If a college coach does a search for your name online then your profile here will come up. They can instantly see your basic info and video. If they want your contact info and personal data they simply log in and get it. This means you can email a coach and include a link to your KTA profile for them to quickly check you out, even if they don't have an account with us. All coach accounts are individually verified by our staff before they have full access, so you don't need to worry about who might be seeing your personal information.

I've already signed up with a recruiting service, why do I need yours too?

There are many "scouting services" out there, some with big databases that include tens of thousands of prospects. We hope you'll appreciate the personal attention you'll receive with us, and the powerfully effective system and tools we've provided you with. You'll stand out here. You greatly increase your visibility by being with us. Our service is presented directly to college coaches across the country in a variety of ways, and our features will allow you to market yourself nationally in very effective ways.

The reality is that college coaches use many different scouting services. They'll go wherever the recruits are. Especially where they can access the database for free as they can with us. 

Other sites advertise that they have over a million athletes, is that good?

Our site is designed to help you standout. With thousands of athletes looking for scholarships and college opportunities you don't want to be another face in a gigantic crowd. Sites like that can sometimes be disorganized, covered in ads, and full of fake profiles coaches have to sort through. Our service is built on personal attention and relationships. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

We're readily available and would love to answer your questions! 

Give us a call: (360) 854-8971

Send us an email: Support@KTARecruiting.com