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Female soccer player kicking ball.KTA Recruiting is a company focused on the value we provide to athletes and coaches. From the very beginning our goal has been to facilitate help the two groups connect. We pride ourselves how we've developed our advanced system around the needs of many different kinds of unique recruits. Not everyone fits nicely into usual recruiting categories and that is exactly where we come in!

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Here's what our athletes and coaches are saying:


I use KTA Recruiting to find great high school and JUCO athletes from around the country, plus discover unique players who are essentially diamonds in the rough.
- Football Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Division III, Indiana
There is just no other site like this. I love it. I played junior college football then had to transfer to a 4 year school. I needed to find a place and KTA Recruiting gave me a chance to be found!
- JUCO football player, Washington
I'm excited. KTA Recruiting gives me access to all sorts of recruits I'd never be able to find. There is no other service like this!
- Head Volleyball Coach, Division III, Indiana
There is nothing like getting a phone call from an excited college coach who's seen my highlights and profile. I can't wait to take my visits and make some big decisions!
- High school lacrosse player, WA
I love that now I have an easy way of finding JUCO players. Before, I literally had to email and call every junior college coach there is and ask for a prospect list. Getting info on other kinds of players is great too!
- Assistant Football Coach, Division II, Ohio
I love that I can use KTA Recruiting to find great track and field athletes who aren't in typical recruiting roles. They are still great athletes and they will still help improve my program!
- Head Track Coach, Division III, Indiana
"I just love that you're doing this, I'm so excited to get [my son] out there to coaches!"
- Mother of HS football player, WA
There aren't any ads. I hate ads. This service is already at the top my list just for that.
- D3 Linebacker Coach - MA
"I'm excited that there's a place where I can specifically find former minor league baseball players and guys out of the military. Send them my way."
- D3 Head Men's Basketball Coach - East Coast