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Connecting you with College Coaches

Matching Coaches to Recruits

Female javelin throwerAll over our site we’ll tell you that "our goal is to connect college coaches with recruits.” That’s absolutely right, but there is much more to it. We want to connect coaches and athletes who actually match each other. We know that college coaches don’t want to be bombarded by hundreds of recruits who don’t fit into their programs, and every athlete will have very different priorities in what they are looking for.

The KTA Recruiting system has many facets and we use a multitude of strategies to match and promote our athletes. 

Coaches can search our database directly

After creating a profile of your athletic/academic achievements and college selection priorities it will be entered into our roster of potential recruits for college coaches to discover. Coaches are able to log in and search for athletes like you using many different variables, including your college selection priorities. Coaches can find athletes using many different variables, like your position, height, weight, GPA, state, and much more. Our most innovative feature is the Priorities Filter. We want to connect college coaches and athletes who are compatible with each other, not just coaches with everyone possible. The Priorities Filter allows coaches to find players who want what their program provides, and gives them better insight into the recruit as a person. For example, if your college selection will be made based upon the priorities of high academics and early playing time a coach who can offer that can tell immediately that you’ll be a worthwhile recruit.

Coaches tell us what they're looking for

We provide college coaches with a system to tell us exactly what kind of recruits they're looking for. With details like location, academics requirements, etc, we narrow down who will be a good match and send them the results in various ways. The most direct methods are individual emailed suggestions and prospect lists that we send out to them. But we're doing some things behind the scenes to present them with athletes who they haven't viewed yet. When coaches access the site we're also displaying these same matching athletes to them.

Professionally evaluating your athletic ability

The matching process is focused both on the coaches and athletes. To know what level you'll likely succeed at our expert team of former college coaches and ex-professional athletes will deeply examine your abilities, defining characteristics, and full athletic profile. We'll score you on multiple categories according to your sport and specialty and compare you with the current trends of incoming collegiate athletes to help give you a clear picture of what you can expect. The evaluation procedure is very thorough. 

A Personalized list of recommended colleges

There are over 1,800 colleges with athletics from Florida to Alaska. You have a lot of choices. As one of the most important offered features we will create a list of colleges matching your detailed specifications where we believe you may have the greatest opportunity for success. Everyone has different priorities, needs, and wants when it comes to making a college selection. To give you such a personally tailored list we're going to dig deep into what you're really after in the college experience. We'll use the information you give us to narrow it down, then use our athletic evaluation of you to further determine where you'd likely be successful. We'll research everything about the programs, from coaches and depth charts, to facilities and fan attendance. The end result will be a short list of colleges we think you may be happy to call home.